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Study of Creative Interests in Book Art of the Students of Arts and Graphics Faculty (AGF) of MSPU


The purpose of the present article is to investigate creative interests in book art of the students of Arts and Graphics Faculty of the Moscow State Pedagogical University. To cover the topic with the most detail, the author intends to consider the issue broadly, beginning with analysing the research of philosophers and psychologists related to perception of book in this era and its role in life of the modern society, and to comparison of roles of computer and manual graphics in visual art, in particular, in book illustration. Theoretical means of the study is investigating literature and internet resources indirectly covering the declared topic. Empirical means of the study is examination of academic activities in Arts and Graphics Faculty and recording the data in the form of statistics, pedagogical experiment and creative activity of the author. The results of the study include discovering of the main trends that influence students' interests in book art, making an attempt to identify the reasons of certain facts, provision of quantitative and qualitative properties of the students' preferences on the stages of additional education, doing a diploma project, studying at master and postgraduate programmes. The article conclusion gives the findings of the study, that are: abiding interest of students to studying and creative interpretation of book art; domination of interest to children's literature, poetry, fantastic fiction and Russian classical literature; tendency of covering various aspects of book design (composition, illustrations, fonts art and bookbinding, methods of teaching book art in the system of continuous art education). It is necessary, from the author's viewpoint, to take the mentioned findings into account while developing the content of teaching, formulating curricula and working programs, in the thesis topics.

Ksenia Victorovna Makarova

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