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Terrorism in Central Asia and Kazakhstan and Information Warfare


The period from 1990 is a time of complicated change of threats for the Central Asian states. One of the most critical is terrorism. The paper analyses the current situation with terrorism in Central Asian region and focuses on activities of terroristic organizations in Kazakhstan from the obtaining the independence. Using comparative method, the authors estimate efforts of the authority of Central Asian countries. It also provides a brief analysis of the principles of the fight against terrorism, the strong and weak sides of terrorism activities. This article describes the activities of terroristic organizations in Central Asia, forecast and analysis of their actions. Nowadays the term "information warfare" is becoming relevant. Information security plays the main role in antiterrorism policy. The world moves to new type of wars – information warfare. The authors suggest the forms and methods of fighting and the essence of fighting against terrorism. It examines the prospects for solving these problems.

Primbetov DS and Mukashev S

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