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The Communication and Interpretation of the One Belt and One Road by Chinese and Vietnamese Media in the Perspective of Frame Analysis - A Case Study of China Radio International CRI and Voice of Vietnam VOV in Comparison


Based on Vietnamese version of Online News Network China Radio International (CRI) and Voice of Vietnam VOV news as the research object, this study uses framing analysis to compare and analyze the two media’s reports on the "One Belt and One Road” initiative (OBOR). The study finds that the subject and content of China CRI mainly focus on benefits and cooperation opportunities coming from the "One Belt and One Road” initiative, and avoid controversial topics. On the contrary, since the territorial sovereignty in the two countries’ bilateral relation has not reached a consensus yet, plus the power and influence of China has been continuously increasing in recent years, result in the Vietnamese media tends to pay more attention to the controversial topics, and often uses the territorial dispute as a groundwork so as to lead to relevant content of the "One Belt and One Road” initiative. At the same time, it also cites the third-party reports of foreign media to indirectly make China's image negative and raise questions about the initiative.

Tran Son Tung

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