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The Dynamics of the Global Youth Subcultures and Movements: the Russian Context


The article analyzes the specifics of subcultural differentiation of youth in a global context; and, on the basis of the system-forming feature of the community and gender orientation of its representatives develops a two-dimensional typology of youth subcultures, pervasive all over the world. Using the methods of “participant observation” and qualitative analysis of documents, a scientific rationale has been suggested and the criteria of the youth subculture aggregates association into larger units, like youth movements, have been distinguished; the specifics of their glocalization and the latest period phases of their dynamics have been identified in the Russian social context. Through comparison of Western European and Russian subcultural groups functioning nature it was established that the specificity of their glocalization in Russia was associated with a number of basic differences in their socio-demographic structure, the specificity of their perception by other social groups and the focus of the state youth policy. The study contributes to further development of the issues of cultural globalization impact on youth communities of different orientations; its findings can be used in managerial, public and teaching activities.

Gavrilyuk TV, Garabazhii VA, Gaisina LM, Gabdrakhmanova LN and Burenina IV

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