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The Effect of Browsing Social Networking Websites: The Effect of Browsing You tube on the Attitude of Egyptians Towards Those Who Have Different Political Views


This research deals with the effect of browsing YouTube on the tendencies of Egyptians towards those who politically disagree with them. The study is applied to a sample of people of various ages, gender, social economical levels and occupations who live in Mansoura and browse YouTube. Results of the study reveal the presence of an inverse relationship between the number and the browsing frequency. Results also indicate that 70.1% are satisfied with watching only; meanwhile 33.5% accept the use of offensive words in commenting on videos that conflict with their political inclinations. It was revealed that there are no statistical differences between gender and occupation and the sample's tendencies towards those who political disagree with them. On the other hand there are statistical differences between age and level of education on one hand and the sample's tendencies towards those who political disagree with them in favor of youth and those who attained higher education respectively.

Hassna Saad

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