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The Ethno-Lingual Composition of the Russian Federation and Canada: A Comparative Analysis


Russia and Canada are among the most attractive countries for migration and can serve as models for a multicultural and multilingual society. Language policy in these countries is based around the principle of multiculturalism. Russia and Canada’s examples are significant in the context of globalization. At the present time, there are more than 200 different languages in use in Russia and in Canada according the 2010 National Census of Russia and Statistics Canada (2011). The purpose of this article is to compare the ethnic and linguistic diversity of the Russian Federation and Canada, to define and compare the basic principles of the language policy of these states. The sociolinguistic situation arising from the ethnic and linguistic composition of the Russian Federation and Canada, and “the language loyalty” found among their various ethnic groups, are the result of the language policy and language planning of these multi-ethnical states. This study describes certain quantitative and qualitative features which caricaturize the similarities and differences in the language situation in the Russian Federation and Canada.

Slavina L, Ganieva G, Mustafina D and Maklakova Y

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