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The Impact of Internet on Journalism Practice in the Context of Newsgathering, Processing and Dissemination in Kano State, Nigeria


Advancements in the use of the internet have substantially permeated the practice of journalism, especially in the realms of newsgathering, news processing, and news dissemination. Despite the availability of research and vast number of literatures on the impacts of the internet on journalism, little or no research exists on the impacts of internet on the practice of journalism in Kano State, Nigeria, focusing on newsgathering, news processing, and news dissemination. Hence, the urge for this research gap to be closed, a situation to led to the carrying of this study. The study had one specific objective as follows: to examine how the internet has influenced the practice of journalism in the areas of (a) news gathering, (b) news processing, and (c) news dissemination in Kano State, Nigeria. Using quantitative research design, specifically survey, with sample of 123 practicing journalists drawn from the population of 800 journalists and staff at the Editorial Department of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) offices in Kano State, questionnaire was used to collect data and analyze using descriptive methods (tables of frequency and percentage). The study found that the internet has affected journalistic practices both positively and negatively in Kano State and has made sourcing news stories easier. However, as poor information can also be easily spread, which would reduce the credibility of journalists, this study recommends that media organizations must fashion out ways to replace and boost their resources which the internet has taken over.

Adamkolo Mohammed Ibrahim*1, Ahmed Lawal Gusau2, Salisu Uba3, Ahmad Muhammad Nasir

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