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The Impact of Political Transition on Media Rebuilding the Media: Lessons From the Iraqi Case


After being a country of one party system that run every things including the media for more than a three decades, with the occupation and overthrowing Saddam government, the circumstances in example around 300 political entities fought the latest election, and if we look at the media field, we will find Iraq have been dramatically changed. The impacts went deeply into every aspects of life. For huge amounts of such changes and impacts. Until April 2003, there were no more than five daily newspapers, four radio programs and three TV channels with only one satellite transmission, all run by the government. And the local legislations did not allow people to install dishes to receive non-Iraqi (foreign) TV stations via satellites or publish a newspaper or airing independently produced programs. In less than three years and in concert with some shifts in the political situations in Baghdad, hundreds of new publications, television stations, and radio channels have emerged in what is turned out to be an unparalleled media free-for-all involving a broad range of Iraqi and regional media forces. Additionally, a massive increase in the numbers of satellite dishes opened Iraqis up to new sources of information.

Dr. Jassim M Jaber Al-Mljawi

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