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The Impact of the Internet on Genre and Stylistic Features of Media Texts


The article shows the functioning peculiarities of certain genres (press release, comment, news) in Internet communication. The study is based on the theories of Bakhtin about the Dialogic nature of genres, Jakobson on verbal genres, and Gajda about modern speech genres. The authors presented the following algorithm of the Internet texts study: the definition of the genre specificity of the Internet text; the revealing of the genre criteria (theme, style, composition, genre and intention); the analysis of the addresser and the addressee roles in the new genre formation or the old one transformation. In online news discourse, the hypertext links are presented not only by headlines, but also by links, both external (the message source) and internal (following the previous messages on the topic). The news items, connected by internal hyperlinks and devoted to one topic and one macro event, form the Plot. If the linear text presents the flashback mainly implicitly, then the hypertext explicates it by means of hyperlinks. It provides the more objective perception of events, compared to the traditional media. The collective, but not the mass reader, is the addressee of the press releases. In this regard, the press release is close, on the one hand, to the official texts and, on the other hand, to publicist texts. Corporate websites of Russian companies have formed the press release varieties, the names of which indicate the target audience of these texts. These include IR-release, the statement of the material fact and IPO news, or IPO releases. The article deals with the features of these varieties and the specificity of their functioning. The development of Internet, particularly the appearance of the Internet style art, has changed the research methods of reflection in verbal creativity. On the one hand, the results of the author's reflection cannot be seen in the texts of the proper online literature (generated texts), since there is no such process in production of these texts. On the other hand, the extension of research possibilities of the creative process reflection is associated, in particular, with the genre of Internet reviews. The comments to the pieces of work open a new field of study – the reader’s reflection, which could be previously studied only by means of survey. The following types of the Internet comments can be distinguished in the Internet communication: the analytical comment and the comment as an emotional response,

Kasperova LT, Klushina NI, Selezneva LV, Smirnova NV and Tortunova IA

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