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The Media Text in Virtual Space


The article deals with the problems of the media text due to intensification processes in the mass media language at different levels of its formation in the conditions of convergence. The research relevance is predetermined by a modern context of information space development and the current evolutionary changes connected with the latest developments in information and communication technologies. The traditional function of "printed communication" is actively being replaced by a new multimedia interactive mass media that in the era of global computerization is not only justified, but also, in practice, more and more necessary. The promotion of electronic types of various and well-functioning prints has become one of the priorities. The intensive development of electronic and audio-visual media, computer technologies, globalization in the information space, of course, affect the new methods of development of verbal communication, language development, the way verbal texts are created and grasped, the functioning of linguistic realities and speech style of

Abisheva VT, Mazhitayeva S, Kadyrov ZT, Аssаnоv K, Talaspaeva Z, Toleubayeva KA and Kozhakhmetova LT

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