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The proliferation of OTT platforms effect on traditional cinema goers. A study on the urban population of Kolkata after Covid19 pandemic.


Traditional cinema is facing a new challenge in the form of OTT platforms, especially as it grows in the time of pandemic. Traditional cinema has faced fewer footfalls in theatres in recent decades. OTT platforms are an easily available entertainment medium throughout the year, for the cost of one or two movie tickets in multiplexes. OTT platforms give their consumers hundreds of films and web series. Films have become shorter, and some are just a collection of short films put together-an anthology. The web series trend is one of the most popular. Potboilers and mass entertainers have made way for subtler, more meaningful cinema. This paper will investigate the OTT platforms' effects on traditional cinema goers of urban residents of Kolkata. The study will also look into Kolkata residents' attitudes toward single-screen or multi plex cinema halls. The goal of the study is to identify the driving forces behind the switch from traditional movie theatres to OTT platforms, as well as the current situation of single-screen moviegoers and any alterations to their viewing patterns.

Dr. Jyotirmay Deb*

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