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The Prospect of Identity Crisis in the Age of Globalization


The globalization of communications is the product of communications industry at the same time that it is possible to simultaneously provide the absent present relationship. This new phenomenon is pervasive influence in all spheres of human life, so in the last three decades literature on the globalization of production over 200 years of modern literature is being produced. Most of the time when the word "Globalization" is considered by some to globalization and the globalization of translation in English and Persian, but both terms has no real sense of the word. The fact that suggests of this issue of globalization we have two kinds of globalization one another in physical space and cyberspace globalization. In physical space transportation industry is a global industry. The transport industry in the physical world smaller, faster communication global reference in the second space, the cyberspace. In this context the distance and the speed of change in physical space because there the distance and speed you have a distance over, but are removed when the nature of the movement and speed or less defined meaning. In this article, the third dimension of globalization, the globalization of virtual communities to explain and examine and question how identity crisis caused by globalization, virtual communities responded and coped with the author.

Alishahi A, Refiei M,Souchelmaei HS

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