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The Representation of Class Conflict in Cinema and Violation of the Fundamental Rights: A Study in the Context of Satyajit Ray's


This study focuses on the representation of the cast system in Satyajit Ray’s cinema (Sadgati) and the violation of Fundamental Rights. In this study, the researcher has used visual analysis (mise-en-scene) and three-dimensional critical discourse analysis to examine the text, tone and expression, and socio-cultural background of the different characters and the violation of the Fundamental Rights of a man who is suffering from untouchability and exploitation. Dr. Ambedkar devoted his life to the welfare and empowerment of the marginalized class. He desired to bring equality within the social structure, where no space for discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, gender, and place of birth. This study attempts to identify the reflection of Ambedkar’s ideology in the film “Sadgati

Jyotsana Sinha *

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