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The Sexual Culture of Youth in the Context of Social Movements Functioning in the Contemporary Russia


This article analyzes the methods and technologies for civil society participation in the formation and reproduction of sexual culture of the modern Russian youth. As a part of the social and political discourse the sexual culture is treated in the system of sex (physiological) and gender (social-role) value orientations and behavior practices among the representatives of youth cohorts with a focus on the erotic and emotional and sociocultural components. Based on the results of empirical studies (content analysis of statutory and program documents, depth and expert interviews) the specificity of main directions (educative, ideological and political, socialized, disciplinary, monitoring, human rights, and anti-discriminating) for the activities of different social movements types in the Russian Federation (the RF) is defined.

Liliia Sergeevna Pankratova and Sergey Anatolevich Pankratov

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