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The Social Distance and Contradiction Specifics of the Interethnic Interaction of Ethnosocial Groups


The study of interethnic interaction processes is not rather developed and demanding the deeper analysis in a certain degree for a sociological discourse. In the given work the review of theoretical concepts concerning an interaction of ethno-social groups is submitted. The authors note that in all approaches the interaction in the ethnic aspect is considered as conflicting to the difficulties caused by the disparity of interaction patterns on the basis of the critical consideration of methodological concepts. The task of the mass media opportunities’ analysis (with the attraction of a content-analysis method) in practice of the social distance formation is realized by authors. The materials subjected to the analysis demonstrate the lack of positive information in the concrete printed mass media; allowed to reveal that the statement of materials with the prevalence of the category "Stranger" focuses the reader’s attention on a distance keeping in interethnic interaction. They are characterized by the disparity of the publications’ contents between the declared "aspiration of friendly relations’ establishment, mutual understanding and social cooperation between representatives of different ethnos" and the real search of the support by authors among reader's audience; and can rather form stereotypic, intolerant installations at ethno-groups’ representatives. The sociological data characterizing inhabitants’ ideas about an impact of social institutes on the destabilization of international relations are provided. Authors considered the behavioral strategy of respondents in the sphere of labor and interpersonal relations, analyzed undertaken measurements of emotive and behavioral component of ethnosocial installation. The measures promoting leveling of a social distance in interactions of various ethnic communities’ representatives are offered.

Gadzhigasanova NS, Dudina IM, Khairullina NG, Mikhailova MN and Garabazhii VA

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