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The World-View and its Implications in Media Discourse: Building and Analyzing


The Communicational Phenomenon plays on obvious role in modern life, since the means of Communications are the essential elements in organizing the processes of relationships between individuals and the groups, and they are, in fact like mirrors that reflect the realities of the societies and the countries, and when the originations, societies, countries, and the cultures, have become the subject to be covered, then, here appears the worry and fear that indicates the danger of these means, and their powerful effect, and the sensitivity in which people deal with them according to their visualizations, benefits, and their personal culture and social interests. This fear may push us in a way to be biased towards a certain thought or an idea, so it will be better if we could get rid of all these imaginations, and deal, squarely. With events, because visualization may be far away from reality. Reality is a complicated issue, and it is not easy to be understood, and in many ways looks very much like maps that guide us along a long road of complicated labyrinths of wonder. The pre- Conceived idea of how things go or work in this world, depend on our perception and imagination, and these visions are the base on which the theories are built, and from this points comes the definition of perception: a conceivable work that we feel towards something before it becomes an organized, complete entity, and this is what is called the theory; and this means the world – view in the modern term.

Md Babiker Alawad, Zaaki Eldien Kambal

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