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Ukraine in World Media Content: Problematic and Thematic Aspects


The article deals with the content of world famous newspapers such as German “Die Welt” and “Bild”, American “The New York Times” and “New York Post”, British “Independent” and “The Guardian” and Russian “Commersant” and “Rossiiskaya Hazeta” concerning the events in Ukraine. The media, building a scale of the priorities of Ukrainian events, create its image, by ranking the problems of importance and form the imagination of the world community. The image of the state is that system of markers, stable key characteristics that give an idea of the country and make possible to distinguish it among the plurality of other countries. The research was conducted from January 1 to March 31, 2016. Applying the theory of the agenda of McKobs and Shaw, the researchers found the problem-thematic orientation of the materials, their genre embodiment, emotional coloring, and heading features of the content, which characterizes Ukraine as a state, which made it possible to determine the factors that influence the formation of public thoughts about the image of this state. Having identified problematic and thematic content, priority ranking of Ukrainian events, the authors made an attempt to identify Ukraine’s image on the world stage and how it is formed by the foreign media.

Оlena T, Yulia B, Lyudmyla D, Olha S and Volodymyr S

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