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US-CHINA rivalry and Press freedom in the Indo-Pacific region: A critical analysis of Sino-US media


In the on-going power struggle between China and the US, press plays an important role in shaping narratives on both sides. However, media coverage in the IndoPacific is influenced by a number of variables. The research intends to give insights into the relationship between rivalry and media freedom by analysing the nature of press coverage, prevalent narratives, biases, and obstacles encountered by journalists. The purpose of this research is to examine how media outlets on both sides disseminate their respective governments' Indo-Pacific agendas. It adds to a deeper understanding of the complicated link between the US-China competition and press freedom in the Indo-Pacific region, emphasizing the importance of media independence as well as the necessity for openness and open discussion in order to build a dynamic and informed public conversation in the area.

Asfandiyar*, Sajjad Rehman

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