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Utilizing virtual reality and three-dimensional space, visual space design for digital media art


Creators of digital media art should think about incorporating VR into their work to raise the quality of their creations, especially in light of the on-going advancements in science and technology. This essay explores the artistic development process for digital media based on virtual reality and explains the distinctiveness of its aesthetic design. He also suggested a technique for creating visual spaces for digital media art that is based on virtual reality. In this essay, the spatial visual form in digital media art design is examined and investigated from the standpoint of visual perception. The construction of three-dimensional space, four-dimensional space, and surreal multidimensional space is the first design work that this article uses to explain the elaborated contents in detail. Combining digital technology can help people become more aesthetically distinctive. In order to theoretically provide a reference point for digital media art to advance in terms of timeliness, diversification, and originality, the practise of visual space design is examined.

John Wilmsherst*, Adrien Mackay

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