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Views on the Concept of Childhood and its Representation on Childrens Theatre: A Brief Analysis


It is indeed very necessary to find a parallel between the concepts like childhood and children’s theatre. As far as child development and welfare is concerned both subjects demand special mention and assume significant importance in any society. Lot of scholars and researchers by the time has come up with various theories and viewpoints about the concept of child and childhood. Being an influential medium for the children to understand the things around them, children theatre is a germane topic, where there is a room for a researcher to associate the concept of childhood to children’s theatre. This paper is an attempt to observe how the concept of childhood is associated to children’s theatre and how children are looked upon in the context of children’s theatre. Paper is inclusive of discussions on advantages of children’s theatre for the children and representation of children in Indian theatre in historical perspective. The paper also throws light on European concepts on childhood and certain theories developed during seventeenth and eighteenth century, the period in Europe where the concept of childhood started burgeoning with a serious outlook.

Krishna Praveen and Anitha Devi V

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