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Widespread Information and Intensive Awareness on Welfare Common Shared Transportation System for the Working Poor in South Africa


This article identifies lack of ample information to employers on the need to use available welfare policy to low income workers to be able to assist them in using common shared transportation to commute as a viable solution to address the problem. Similarly, the article accentuates on the need to avail low income earners every available assistance to make their lives with the while one of which is access to affordable transportation considering that transport fares are quiet expensive and take large chunk of the meagre wages being paid to these low income workers. The article notes that while there is law and policy that could be used by employers to invoke providing assistance through welfare benefits on common shared transportation for poor workers, there is paucity of information and awareness programme to impress this on them for purposes of implementation. As such, only few employers intervene by using this measure of common shared transportation for the benefits of workers to commute to work. The article highlights the importance of common shared transportation but impressed that workers would benefit immensely if there is ample awareness and information motivating employers to use this welfare benefits for the poor workers. The article points out that while common shared transport is good for commuting low income workers to work, it also has inherent impediments such as delays, defects, repairs challenges, attitudes of the drivers and so on. It shows that with the proper information and oversight, management and good attitudes by the stakeholders and the role players, common shared transportation would be a more effective mode to commute.

Odeku Kola O

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