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Word and Sentence Power: How Much Does It Matter In Mathematical Problem Solving


English language skills are perceived to be inversely correlated with mathematics proficiency. This forethought attunes with the traditional perception on language and mathematics education which is the locus of this study. In particular, word order and basic sentence patterns are specific language skills which in this study are investigated for significant influence on the mathematical problem solving proficiency of the first year secondary teacher education students of Nueva Vizcaya State University- Bambang Campus, Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya. This educational endeavor which made use of descriptive design and involved 44 respondents disclosed the level of proficiency of the respondents in the three factors which form vertices of the triangle of focal variables: word order, basic sentence pattern and mathematical solving skills. Significant relationship transpired between the two language skills in here cited and significant influence of both language skills on mathematical problem solving proficiency. These results urged more relevant reading activities to enhance the respondents’ language skills; the use of various task-based activities; use of outcomes-based education in the English and Mathematics subjects; and other researches for the improvement of the language skills and problem solving skills of students.

Jenifer Raymond R. Tallungan Ph.D*

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