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A Re-Appraisal of Media Campaign for Eradication of Ebola Virus in Nigeria


Campaigns through the mass media serve as reliable means of inducing people to act in certain ways. Thus, government and other relevant agencies often engage in various media campaigns geared towards protecting and improving public health and general wellbeing of the people. As a matter of fact, such campaigns, due to a variety of factors, often record success or failure. While most of these campaigns reach the populace via a combination of two or more channels, the focus of the study is on television, radio, traditional media and newspaper as channels of disseminating campaign messages. Having closely studied past public health campaigns in Nigeria, the researchers explored strategies that can be implemented for optimal utilization of the powers of media in the production and effective dissemination of information for public health campaigns to curb the menace of Ebola Virus and other tropical diseases in Nigeria.

Essien CF* and Yusuf A

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