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A Study of the Impact of the Socio-Cultural and Educational Background on English Language Learning Skills at Secondary School Level in Lahore District, Pakistan


The purpose of the research is to explore the socio cultural and educational factors that have an impact on students’ English language proficiency of secondary school students of Lahore District, Pakistan. A mixed method analysis has been used to justify this research and a total quantity of a hundred and twenty students from Urdu and English medium students participated in this survey. The results suggest that the commonplace distinction inside the practice of language between the scholars and the parents acts as one of the most important consciousness points in this report. The end result once more showed widespread ratio adjustments among the mom of Urdu medium colleges‟ college students and the moms of the English medium schools‟ college students where the proportion of surprisingly educated moms of English medium schools students is greater than that of the urdu medium colleges students moms. The third answer of this study shows the result as both sides being equal. The fourth answer indicates a different analysis of children living in higher families and minor families. The Fifth and Sixth answer is about the occupation of the mother and father of each medium faculties students. This study is the evaluation and analysis of the socio cultural and educational factors which affect the student’s English learning process. The researcher particularly recommends that both the parents and the lecturer’s involvement are equally critical from all perspective. It is most vital that the mother and father communicate to their Kids. Approximately their research at college and encourage them and inspire them to head further beforehand. It is maximum important to keep in mind that the students are right here to study however the vintage and modern way of lesson need to be improvised that allows you to make the instructions a greater interesting one. It also further discusses some of the solutions and recommendations as the report progresses. Based on the outcomes attained, recommendation is provided at the end of the researcht.

Faisal Irfan

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